Fashion Quarterly, Summer 2023

Perhaps it’s a Kiwi thing, looking forward to summer. Sun-kissed skin, salty dips and a continuous stream of social gatherings that simultaneously wear you
out and lift you up — it’s a season of contemplation, reflection and celebration, which is why in this issue we’ve decided to celebrate some amazing local changemakers: women who made a real difference in 2022.

Although there wasn’t a shortage of people to choose from, in the end we whittled down our selection to a magnificent seven working in a host of different spheres. Endearingly, none of them saw themselves as especially influential, and some even took a bit of convincing to be involved, but they’re all supremely qualified for the part. As writer Phoebe Watt puts it in the feature on page 52, “Through their mahi and vision, the lives, legislative rights and legacies of our people and our planet have been changed for the better. ”

Of course, not everyone embraces summer as wholeheartedly as FQ does. In her story on page 62, titled (tongue in cheek) ‘How to Get a Summer Body’, Jess Molina details her journey to unfurling both the metaphorical and physical layers of warm-weather
dressing. “I kept thinking about how for others, this is a normal occurrence,” she says of wearing a bikini top for the first time.

“They don’t spend even a fraction of their time thinking about their bodies in the context of summer the way I do. I often wonder if they know how lucky they are.” I haven’t donned a bikini in years — six, to be exact, since I had children. After reading Jess’s story, I feel inspired to wear one again. I think we all deserve to relish the feeling of the sun on our bellies about now. Here’s to changes big and small, and enjoying the silly season whichever way we choose.

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