D-Photo 091, August — September 2019

Our 15th anniversary collector’s edition! We announce the winners of Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year 2019, with all 250 shortlisted images — did you make it? We take the time to step back and reflect on notable events in D-Photo’s history in our retrospective, and back in the present day, the latest-and-greatest cameras from Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, and Canon face off in our full-frame mirrorless showdown.

We showcase vistas usually reserved for the hardiest mountain climbers, thanks to photographer and mountaineer Yan Zhang, who pursues beauty and simplicity in the face of challenging terrain and freezing temperatures. One of the country's leading photography historians, Athol McCredie, walks us through the birth of contemporary photography in New Zealand with reference to his new book, The New Photography. Two strikingly distinct photography shows are reviewed alongside one another: Hayley Theyers’ In the Dark We Are Without Her Empress Light and Murray Cammick’s Queens Street. And our How To this month features Petra Leary, who talks us through taking breathtaking aerial imagery without getting into trouble with your drone.

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