D-Photo 087, December—January 2019

 John Miller has often been there when Kiwis have taken to the streets to effect change; in this issue, he takes us back to the ’70s to tell us the stories behind his images. Veteran nature photographer Rod Morris brings us face to face with some of the more interesting life forms residing in our seashores, renowned automotive photographer Stephan Romer changes tack and shifts his gaze to Aotearoa’s breathtaking landscapes, and we meet some promising young female talent who have taken part in a project to mark 125 years of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. The How To features in this issue include landscape photographer Chris Morton, who tells us how to approach finding a concept for a body of work with reference to his Great Barrier–based book; Esther Bunning shows us how to create lens effects on the cheap; and insect fanatic Alan Henderson explores the world on a scale we don’t normally see — and tells us how he does it. This issue comes with a bonus 2019 calendar.

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