D-Photo 072, June–July 2016

In this issue, Adrian Hatwell talks to Russ Flatt about his upcoming Auckland Festival of Photography Annual Commission and how he’s interpreting the theme of Home. Read about Flatt’s inclusion of a 1980s feel, childhood memories, and elements of environment, making this exhibition at the festival one not to miss.

Standing in frosty water for lengthy periods of time may not sound like many people’s idea of a great time, but for David Hallett, these are the sorts of lengths he will endure to capture his stunning shots of New Zealand birds. Kelly Lynch talks to the photojournalist about his career and his passion for bird photography.

We heard your calls for some pointers on putting together a photography portfolio, so we enlisted the help of folio consultant Christina Force to help explain the various reasons you could be needing a portfolio, and how best to arrange yours to suit your specific requirements. 

For those who haven’t heard the news, the Google Nik Collection has recently been announced as a free download. So, Hans Weichselbaum got to work introducing all of the modules that the software offers, getting you ready for the Google Nik Collection series that he’ll be presenting within upcoming issues.

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