D-Photo 070, February–March 2016

D-Photo Issue No. 70 will teach you a lesson or two! If you’re interested in how to shoot panoramas in order to capture those gorgeous scenes that you couldn’t quite fit in the frame, we enlist the the help of Mark Gee and Chris McLennan to give you eight easy-to-digest tips. 

Paul Hoelen explains what he went through to capture his Aerial Abstract images — and he provides such a thorough explanation that, if you chose to, you would be well equipped to get out there and capture your own.

We talked to the 2015 Epson/NZIPP Iris Awards Student category winner, Sarah Champion, about her work and what sparked her interest in photography and where she’s planning on taking it. Don’t miss this article!

Along with featuring fantastic Kiwi and overseas photographers, we also bring you answers to your questions about capturing images of water, how to minimize creative burnout, plus many more helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your creations.

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