D-Photo 102, Summer 2022

Learn how to bring photography alive with augmented reality in this issue of D-Photo!

View the cover through the Artivive app on your smartphone and you’ll see photographer Richard Wood’s beautiful image come to life before your eyes. Purchase the issue and there are even more of Richard’s brilliant augmented reality creations to marvel at inside, as well as a tutorial to help you get started making your own. 


  • Discover how artist Bridget Rewiti explores the indigenous stories of the whenua through landscape photography. 
  • Attend the Tokyo Olympics with Hawkes Bay sports photographer John Cowpland.
  • Learn about the secret lives of the elderly through photographer Tim Cuff’s probing portraits . 
  • Go behind the scenes of the gripping new documentary Fiona Clark: Unafraid, in which photographer and filmmaker Lula Cucchiara explores the legacy of one of NZ’s great documentary photographers.
  • Get ready for a summer of (local) travel, with amazing tips for travel photography from Tracey Scott, 2021’s NZ Travel Photographer of the Year.
  • Make your wedding shots more epic with advice from the legendary Zhuoya Photography, the globally recognised wedding shooter from Christchurch, Zhuo Ya. 

Plus news and reviews, gear and books, tutorials and galleries, and so much more! 

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