D-Photo 100, Winter 2021

Celebrate 100 issues of New Zealand photography publishing excellence!

In this very special edition of D-Photo, we reflect on the past, honour the present and contemplate the future of photography in Aotearoa.

Pick up D-Photo issue 100 for a dazzling visual history of the publication’s achievements. See a curated selection of the top D-Photo covers of all time, catch up with notable past contributors who have gone on to great things, and hear how previous Amateur Photographer of the Year winners have fared on their continuing photographic journeys.

We also assess the greatest gear releases of D-Photo’s lifetime and explore the ways technology has changed and image creation has evolved over the 17 years D-Photo has been in print.

Make sure you’re on the cutting edge of emerging photography art, as we ask some of Aotearoa’s photo heavyweights to nominate the up-and-coming shooters they view as photography’s future. Plus, delve into an oral history of the local photography market with contributions from the nation’s biggest brands, services, institutions and stores.

You will not want to miss the chance to pick up what is sure to become a treasured item in New Zealand photography’s history -- get your copy of D-Photo issue 100 today!

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