D-Photo 54, June–July 2013

  • The best of the PSNZ on display for 2013
  • Massimo Sestini profile: The adrenaline photographer
  • Mark McKeown plunges into the wedding game
  • Ann Worthy-Stephenson folio: Unique children's portraits
  • Insider's guide to Auckland Festival of Photography
  • Gear talk: Aperture and shutter priority modes
  • Getting started with Photoshop
  • On location with Catherine McLennan and the new travel photography app
  • Colour adjustment: correct an image with problematic colours
  • Jackie Ranken looks at combining travel photography and cultural festivals to make a great photo essay
  • In the studio: The indispensability of umbrellas
  • Light: Using flash in bright light
  • Andy Belcher gets up close and personal with a whale shark
  • Paul Petch column: How great images are born
  • Reviewed: Nikon Coolpix, GigaPan Epic Pro, Sony action camcorder, Nikon D7100, Pentax MX-1

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