NZ Performance Car Special Edition — Street Style 2008


  • ARACHNID EVOLUTION: Wide, low and loud — Jordan Lee’s Spider-Man Celica hits a new level 
  • LIVIN’ LOUD: The ultimate Nash-up — Kicker doesn’t do things by halves
  • HOP, DROP & ROLL: From the scrap heap to the show hall — DMPTRC gets its slam on
  • MIRACLE WHIP: Rolling low in a bagged-up Accord, EZKASH style
  • LA MADRINA: Who says Jags can’t bounce? Not little Miss Mafia
  • NIGHT SHIFT: Candy coated and sittin’ on 24s — this is how Sin rolls
  • SET IN MOTION: Build-up basics — know ’em before you start
  • BASS CHASE: Team Bass Monkey gives us an earful — 162.6dB worth, to be exact
  • CALIFORNIA LOVE: Comin’ straight outta Compton — dubbed-up Buick on bags
  • THE HOP: Hittin’ switches and cruising the strip, Whangamata style
  • HARDWARE: Bits you need

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