NZ Performance Car Special Edition — Race Style 2004


  • Ed speak
  • Technical knockout: The return of docile
  • East meets west: Ex-BTCC Honda Accord
  • Gravel express: V8-powered 4WD Cordia
  • In the driver's seat: 10-minutes with Glenn Suckling
  • Sideways scud: A31 on the D1NZ frontline
  • Super seven: Rapid-fire super GT RX-7
  • Getting it sorted: Import drag racing
  • Getting it sorted: Drifting
  • Getting it sorted: Circuit racing
  • Double vision: An S14 to go to the distance
  • Rims + rubber: Wheel and tyre tech
  • Rims + rubber: Wheel and tyre guide
  • Natural selection: Turbo-slaying AE86 
  • Race Queen
  • Go-fast gear

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