Mad Mike The Biography by NZ Performance Car

 Long before he was dubbed ‘Mad Mike’ by a local radio personality, Mike Whiddett was living life the only way he knows, with the throttle jammed wide open. Now a self-made global superstar who is living the proverbial car guy dream of building wild cars and drifting all over the planet, Mike’s story is one that should inspire an entire generation of Kiwis wanting to leave their mark on the world. NZ Performance Car have followed his rise from the early 2000s, and over that time we’ve amassed a volt of ‘Mad Mike’ content which we’ve curated into the ultimate ‘Mad Mike’ collectors item; The Mad Mike biography by NZ Performance Car, including in depth features showing the evolution of all his cars, an exclusive and frank interview with Mike, and a look at his life before the fame and the name. If you think you know the Mad Mike story in full, then think again.


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